Saturday, November 23, 2013

Please VOTE ^^

Fellas! Please VOTE me on Indonesian Idol S8 Online Audition :)

Click on this link below:

And hit the "LIKE" button for me ;) Don't forget to share it to your friends and family, so they can VOTE me too! :D

Thank you so much guys.

Your vote is highly appreciated!!!

LOVE YOU :* <3

Caroline Aro W.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Playful Chinese Vacation!

Heyya peeps!!

Long time no see you guys... Yeahhhhhhh LONG TIME... It has been like ages not updating my blog :(
I've been busy with stuffs in these past 7 months.

FYI, now I'm officially a Binus International University student! I've been an accounting student since 2 months ago :D and I'm in the middle of mid exam weeks now... *phewwwwww* Wish me luck fellas!!!

Anyway, I know I should be showing the newest outfit to you guys, but I just can't help to post my "out-of-date" outfit !
So, pardonnez-moi for posting this old photos. Hope you guys could still enjoy this post :)

These photos were taken at Kwan Sing Bio - Confusianism Temple (located in Tuban city - East Java, Indonesia); on June 6, 2013.


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