Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Playful Chinese Vacation!

Heyya peeps!!

Long time no see you guys... Yeahhhhhhh LONG TIME... It has been like ages not updating my blog :(
I've been busy with stuffs in these past 7 months.

FYI, now I'm officially a Binus International University student! I've been an accounting student since 2 months ago :D and I'm in the middle of mid exam weeks now... *phewwwwww* Wish me luck fellas!!!

Anyway, I know I should be showing the newest outfit to you guys, but I just can't help to post my "out-of-date" outfit !
So, pardonnez-moi for posting this old photos. Hope you guys could still enjoy this post :)

These photos were taken at Kwan Sing Bio - Confusianism Temple (located in Tuban city - East Java, Indonesia); on June 6, 2013.

It feels like you're in a China Palace and you're a Chinese Princess... LOL :D


I chose to wear a cute floral short overalls and mix it with a white shirt on that day.
I was thinking of being playful on my vacation day, and yes guys, it was a fun playful vacation with my family :)

A one-full-day vacation with family is always a great choice to spend our free-time.
Especially when you're having fun, while at the same time you also taking time to pray and getting yourself closer to God.
I'm not trying to suddenly be religious or something, but I just want to recall that amazing feeling on that day :)

*please excuse the blur on the last photo :(

  • White shirt - Forever21
  • Floral short overalls - local shop in Surabaya
  • Red striped bag - borrowed it from my sister

Photos are taken by my sister, Fergie Christina. She is an adorable sister to me! ;)

Thank you for reading my blog, hope you guys like it, and don't forget to follow this blog ! <3
See you later, mwahhh :*

Caroline Aro W.


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cutee dungaree!

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