Hey! I'm Caroline Aro, come from Indonesia. Born in August 11th, 1994, Surabaya. I was raised in Tegal and now currently living in Jakarta because of school reason.

I am my mommy's only one princess who believe in God's plans. A girl who loves to laugh and is friendly to people. I really adore one gorgeous young lady named Taylor Swift and one handsome God's creature named Jeong Jinwoon (2AM's member). Oh! and I'm also freakin' love pink and Hello Kitty.

I love doing things such as watching movies, listening to musics, reading novels and magazines (teen vogue, glamour uk, and gogirl!), karaoke, eating sweet foods, traveling, swimming, and last but not least I love chatting and texting :D

Okayy, enough for the introduction. Now...........

Let me tell you my reasons of why I started blogging. I was in Medical Faculty last 2012, but I quit and moved to Accounting Faculty in International Binus University. And because of that, I should wait until the next academic year starts. I got bored doing nothing at home for months and I'm thinking of sharing my thoughts and interests to everyone, so in March 21 2013 I decided to start blogging.

So now, I've decided to fill my blog with everything I love, sharing mine and anonymous people's stories. Sometimes, I will post my outfits too :)
FYI, my outfits maybe a quirky, vintage, or WHATEVER, I wear anything that I love.

I really hope that whatever I post in here can inspire or entertain you all.

If you have any questions for me, you can directly ask me in the comments or email me at :) I'll reply as soon as I can.

Thank you for reading my blog! :D
Love you so much darlings! ;)

instagram: @carolinearo
facebook: Caroline Aro
twitter: @carolinearo

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