Monday, December 2, 2013

Sunday Fun Day

안녕하세요, 친구 ! ^^ (annyeonghaseyo chingu)

Hi pals! How was your Monday? Was it great? :)

Mine is quite great...
I attended two classes today and the lecturers were showing us our mid-exam scores, so right now I already knew two mid-exam scores. It's not that good, but at least I'm happy because it passed the minimum score! haha :p
I know, I don't really care about having good grades. Well, I do care, but the first thing that I care is I just need to pass the minimum score then I'll be fine :D
I didn't do well on the business exam, so I got the score that I deserve, a bad score... but on the academic english exam, I got quite good score... besides exam score, I also got my first english essay score, and I'm happy with it, the lecturer said that he was impressed with my essay, and it made my day! ^^ he also encouraged me to try to submit my essay to newspapers or magazines, and it doubled my happiness today! :D I'll try to submit it after I fix some mistakes in the essay :D

Okay, enough with blabbering about my Monday. Let's begin the outfit post.

These photos were taken two weeks ago when I was hanging out with my childhood bestfriend. It was a short Sunday meet-up with her, but it was a fun day :) We were trying out cakes at a French café called Cacaoté.

A vintage, chic, and cute teapot and cup!

me with the berry èclair :9

my brand new transparent Chanel lego :)

Polkadot red shirt, emboss skirt, and flat shoes are from some local stores.

Thank you for reading this post. I hope you enjoy it and have a good night, dear!

<3 <3 <3

Caroline Aro W.


Putri Valentina said...

cute clutch! >.<


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