Tuesday, December 1, 2015

I AM BACK!!!!!!! :D

I'm back, guys! Yay!
After such a very long time, I finally can write something on this blog again.
Well, there have been some circumstances that prevent me from blogging.
Anw, today I just wanna share about my thoughts. I hope that it is a good thoughts for y'all ;)

Looking back to the past and learnt 1 more thing.

Why should I bother what other people think about me when I really know my true values?? 🔍🔑💡

If I know what are my true values, what are my qualities, then I shouldn't bother about those negative rumors that other people spread. They are only waiting for me to really messed up. Envious people are all like that. And sadly, wherever I am, whatever I do, whenever it is, there will always be at least ONE envious people around me.

👉 The TRUTH is... only YOU, the only human that KNOW YOU the best!! and you gotta learn how to know you better each and every day 👈 :)

When you know your own qualities and values, just let them judge, because that's what spectators do, that's definitely their job. 😉

Put yourself as a priceless ART object. For example, painting. Some common people will say it is a bad painting, boring, etc. Some others will say it is pretty but still ridiculously expensive, it is no use to buy it, it is a waste of money.
See?? Common people will not understand the values. Now, imagine about art curators, people who love art, or high-end people. These people will compete to buy that painting. They will really appreciate it. Maybe some of them will say that it is one of the most beautiful paintings they have ever seen. 😍
There you go. When you have those qualities and you know it, well-educated people will be able to know it. Only people with attitude who can afford an understanding of your true values. So, why bother about what common people say?? They don't matter and what they say will never affect your life as long as you ignore it. Just care about what successful people say, those will more likely give impacts to your future, 'cause those kind of people will only say useful and priceless words! 😊

If you still bother about the negative rumors that you know it is not true, then I assume that you still do NOT know what are your qualities. 😕
And one more thing, just like WINE, the more mature it is, the more expensive it will be. When you do not bother about the rumors, then you are definitely way more mature than those envious people, and that proves you are on a HIGHER LEVEL than 'em! 😎
📌Find your values and see yourself grow greater than ever! ✌💪💕
carolinearo is signing out, see you next time in another #SharingThoughtsWithAro 😘💋🙆

💕carolinearo @ RYM


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