Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Little Blah-blah-blah about My "CURRENT" Life

Hello to you all who are reading my blog now :) It's my very first Blogger account!! yayyyyy finally! :D
Oh, oh, yes! I almost forgot! What a bad behavior for not introducing myself while I'm still a new member in Blogger. Pardon me...

Okayy, so...
I'm CAROLINE, a girl who loves Hello Kitty and pinky stuffs, adores Taylor Swift and Jeong Jinwoon (정진운) of 2AM. Born in 1994 and I come from a lovely country named Indonesia.
For further bio, please kindly read the About Me page, thank youuu ♥♥♥ :D

and... this is the narcissistic me! lol :p

Well, I've had experienced my first semester in the Medical Faculty of UNIKA Atma Jaya in the last 2012. But I quit. That was "my dream came true" in that time, but not anymore since I couldn't concentrate in any subjects. I thought that I could just understand the materials (like what I did in school years) without really remembering any of them. But the truth, I am totally wrong. During school years, I did good scores in sciences with just understanding it. But here you are... it's medical EARLY YEAR and you should remembering so much words besides just understanding them. And hell yeah, I'm not that kind of student that will "study 'till you remember it all". So, I gave up on medical...

Yeah, I do hardly know, guysssss....... that I'm really really really is sucks, lazy, and stupid for giving up medical school when many people out there wanted to get into med school so badly. But really... I felt burdened and struggled in that time. At one side, I wanted to continue it because to be a doctor was my big dream since I was kid. At the other side, I felt the opposite, I wanted to stop, because I can't hold it any longer, it was a total burden for me. So, after I asked some advices and reflected on it, I decided to leave med school.

I am so sorry to my parents for letting them feel disappointed at me, they've paid so much for my entrance fee and now I'm throwing the chance away :'( I'm also feel so grateful for my parents and family, and of course to God, because of the kindness and how supportive they are to me. It's such a big grace that they don't stay mad at me, they're understanding my feelings.

They said, "we've told you that you don't suit in that major, but we let you try because if you can do it then why not? But now the elders worries became true, you really quit. Fortunately, you said it early, so you don't have to waste your time any longer. Now, you should choose carefully and thoughtfully, feel it, what suits you the best, and when you've chose it, you gotta take the full responsibility and don't ever leave again. You gotta be serious, you gotta make us be proud of you! You should have a bachelor degree, sweetheart... Your family duty here is to guide you, giving you advices, and supporting you, but the steps you should take it by yourself, and the rest just leave it to God."
So after struggling, I convinced myself to take an Accounting major with an International Business as the minor. I've taken the test at Binus International University and I was accepted. Now, I just need to wait until September to start my university life again :D

Anyway, in my super duper long holidayyyyy.......... I have nothing to do (duh!) >_< My activities are just a boring daily routines... Sleeping, showering, cooking, eating, watching old movies and TV, texting, playing game, and back to sleeping again. Gosh! I really need to do something! And finally......... here I am, in this March 21, 2013, trying a new activities that I've never been doing before, BLOGGING! :D I really hope that it will help me so much in handling my boring day :D

Oh! Before I finish this post, I wanna take some "cliché" positive things from what I've been sharing to you all in this post.
  • DON'T you ever give up like me :p
  • DO what YOU want to do, not what they want you to do, because everything that doesn't come originally from your heart will never be amazing
  • Always THINK DEEPLY before you take any steps
  • DO ASK advice if you really need it! Trust me, it really can open your mind!
  • TAKE RESPONSIBILITY of anything that you've done
  • DO STUDY and LEARN! Because it makes you a better person
  • OBEY your PARENTS, they love you more than anything and want the best for you
  • And last but not least, always PRAY and LISTEN to GOD :)

"When you struggles, do calm yourself first, then think deeply, pray, and FOLLOW your heart. Because your heart's voice is the answer from your prayers, the pathway that you should walk. Maybe it is hard at first and you may see it as a bad thing, but bad things will always turn AMAZING if you know how to do the right things." - sincerely, carolinearo ♥♥♥


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